Duct Leakage Testing Method Statement

Machine Model No. : DLT6-1200
Make : Extreme Performance Technologies
Testing Range : 45 sq m to 100 sq m under 2” pressure and 25 sq m to 80 sq m under 4” pressure

Calculate the surface area of duct section to be tested.
Connect the Flexible Adaptor of Testing Machine to the duct section to be tested.
Connect the Pressure Sensor to the duct.
Make sure all the openings of the duct are closed.
Switch on the machine and control the inlet flow to stabilize the duct pressure as required.
Allow the applied pressure to stabilize for two minutes.

Duct Leakage Test Procedure - For DW 143

Note down applied pressure P (Pa) from Magnehelic Pressure gauge.
Using this applied pressure P, find out Leakage Factor F (Ltr/sec/m2) from Table – 1
Find out Maximum permitted leakage Lp.
Lp = [Leakage Factor F (Lt/sec/m2) x Duct surface are A (m2) Ltr/Sec.]
Note down the flow rate reading on the Magnehelic gauge mounted on the machine.
Find out the actual airflow from the Calibrated Table of DLT6-1200 Chart.

Compare the Lp & LA values & tabulate them.

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