1. Programming Section - Auto cad Drawing is downloaded & programmed in Vulcan software.

  2. Raw material input port: GI Coils will be loaded in the starter line decoiler using forklift

  3. Machine data from the programming section will be downloaded/ feeded in to the touch screen controller of starter line.

  4. Straight duct with notching for seam and flanges are produced from starter line. also sheets for vulcun bed are sheared using starter line

  5. Male & Female pittsburgh Seam is produced after notching by pittsburg lock machine.

  6. TDC flanges are formed with flange making machine on either side of the sheet

  7. The output sheet after Seam and flange formation is lead in to the wrap breaker for bending

  8. Seam closing is done on the pittsburgh lock seem closer

  9. The corners are placed and crimped for the TDF ducts

  10. Duct mate flange frame as per the duct sizes are produced using bench cutter

  11. Duct mate frames are fixed to duct by riveting.

  12. Transverse joint piece profiles are cut by vulcan machine. Job sheets are downloaded / feeded to vulcan computer to cut the profiles for fittings like elbow, offset etc.

  13. Stiffener beading is formed on by the beader for the fitting pieces

  14.  Male & Female pittsburgh Seam is produced after notching by pittsburg cornomatic machine

  15. S & C cleats for ducts without flanges are produced in lion cleat bender

  16. MS & S.S Ducts longitudinal joints & angle flange fixing are doing by typical welding procedures.

  17. S & C Clips are formed on roll former machine and send along with the ducts for installation.

  18. QC Checking and verification carried out before dispatch.

  19. Typical loading of duct in vehicle

  20. Assembly of ducts @ site

  21. Leakage testing at the site.


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